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history and monetary policy

Peseta was launched the 6th January, 2014. For the curious ones here you can see the first block of the Peseta blockchain:


Peseta was born because of the interest of the spanish society to see what once was our beloved currency.

The total amount of Peseta that will issued is because of the exchange rate Peseta/Euro had that was 166,386.

The objective is to avoid an excessive inflation and to help the coin grow in value.

The amount of Pesetas in circulation changes every block. The best way to know the exact amount of coins is to check the block explorer:


Pesetas has a similar monetary policy similar to Bitcoin. A bigger amount of coins issued in the beginning to promote the adoption and it’s starts slowly decreasing until 2029 when all the Pesetas are issued.

Details of the emission:

From block 0 to 525.599: 166,386 Pesetas/block.
From block 525.600 to 554.999: 83,193 Pesetas/block.
From block 550.000 to 1.051.199: 50 Pesetas/block.
From block 1.051.200 to 1.576.799: 25 Pesetas/block.
From block 1.576.800 to 2.627.999: 10 Pesetas/block.
From block 2.628.000 to 8.409.599: 5 Pesetas/block.
From block 8.409.600 no more Pesetas are issued.


Yes, and is because transactions are made between particulars without intermediaries and almost any commission.

It means you can make 10,000 transactions with a total 0,28€. Or 0,000028€ per transaction.

The math was made in December 2017.

Every transaction is registered in the block chain. In the next link you will find a tutorial of how to use the block explorer.

(link al tuto de como leer el blockexplorer – ENG)

Same as Bitcoin, transactions are pseudo-anonymous. This means every transaction is public but without the identity of the person attached to the transaction.

Spanish population wants to see Peseta back and that’s clearly an advantage but it’s also 10 times faster and can transmit 10 times more transactions than Bitcoin.

Peseta is not related in any manner with the Spanish government.

We do expect that as the adoption from the Spanish population starts growing, government starts allowing people to pay taxes and other services in Peseta.

The are different forms to get them. The easiest one is to buy them. In the index page you can find a list of exchanges where you can buy it.

The next form is to be a miner. The miners are the notaries of the transactions. In the next link you can find a list of mining pools. [link de pools]

Next option is to accept Peseta as a payment method in your business or for your services.

Last option are faucets. In the faucets you can get your first Pesetas for free so you can learn about the technology. We do have 2 faucets.

In the website, https://gratis.pesetacoin.info
In telegram, @Peseta_bot

The price is fully determined by offer and demand as the euro, dollar or any other currency based on floating exchange rate. Unlike the mentioned currencies, Peseta’s offer is determined from it’s birth and it’s not subjected to the will of politicians.

The process of buying it’s simple but it will change depending where you buy it. We do have tutorial that you can check.

If you want to buy directly with euros, check this tutorial:


The first thing you need to is to check which one fits your needs better. You can read a comparison of the different wallets here.



We do have different social media accounts and you can follow us where you prefer.








The number of merchants accepting Peseta grows continuosly and we have most of them in the map.


Accepting Peseta in your business is going to depend the pluging you’re using as payment gateway. We have plugins for Prestashop and WooCommerce.




The final objective is to be the day a day currency for the Spanish population.


Pesetacoin is based in Proof of Work (PoW) and has scrypt algorithm. It uses merge mining which means it is mined along other coins like Litecoin, Dogecoin and others.

Peseta is designed to have 1 block per minute.

The maximum size of Pesetacoin blocks is 1MB.

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